With the plastic household products we provide, you may enjoy top-notch goods while still maintaining the visual appeal and style of your home. Our product line features a variety of designs that are created to suit your tastes and preferences.

Plastic Buckets

Plastic buckets come in a wide range of sizes, designs, and hues. In our carefully curated collection, you may find the plastic bucket you are looking for. These buckets may be used for laundry and other purposes.

Plastic Shopping Basket

We provide plastic tubs that may be used for a variety of things, including sand and cement. Almost anything you can think of can be done with these tubs, including transporting, pouring, storing, and more. These are robust, lightweight, and UV-resistant.


Plastic Multi purpose Tray

The provided Plastic Waste Paper Baskets are designed for disposing of both wet and dry waste and are constructed of high-quality materials. These items have an understated aesthetic, are lightweight and stiff, and have a higher durability. These have a secure grip and are substantial and bulky.


Plastic Mugs

The perfect choice for usage in homes, workplaces, canteens, and a number of other professional settings, plastic mugs come in a wide array of eye-catching colours, designs, and sizes. The collection of mugs has a strong design and is very valuable in terms of both function and appearance.

Plastic Jugs

To keep you only an arm's length away from water, we offer Plastic Jugs, which are stylish jugs. The provided products are a perfect item for every home because of their sturdy grip and simple-to-open lid.


Plastic Racks

Utilizing the included Plastic Racks, bring order and cleanliness to your kitchen. By assisting you in organising your kitchen and placing everything in its proper position, these items make cooking simple and your kitchen neat. Designed to be durable and dependable and made from the best plastic available.

Plastic Serving Trays

Our plastic serving trays are available in a range of sizes and shapes.  Additionally, we offer elegant trays that are perfect for guests to use while bringing cookies, sandwiches, wraps, and other foods from the buffet line to their table.


Plastic Dust Pan

Our plastic dust pans are easy to place on any surface and adjust to gather dust. These are the best tools for cleaning up dirt and spills. High-quality materials used in their construction guarantee a long product lifespan.

Plastic Hangers

Here is where you should begin your search for Plastic Hangers. These Hangers are also available in some of the most fashionable patterns and distinctive hues. You can purchase items from us if you are searching for anything that fits your fashion sense.


Plastic Soap Case

We provide a Plastic soap dishes that can hold different-sized bars of soap. All members of the family can use them since they are the ideal size. These are a necessary household utility item.

Plastic Plates

High-quality virgin plastic was used to create the items that are being sold. These are simple to keep clean and maintain. We make sure that everyone has a satisfying supper, even while they are away from home, with our Plastic Gift Sets. It is perfect for educational and outdoor excursions.




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